Cosmic Consciousness …

Remember the saying ” When The Student’s Ready The Teacher Will Appear ” Well .. That’s what’s happening to me, at the age of almost 67 yrs. young I was lead to a Teacher with whom I feel I’ve met before, where I don’t remember ? Since I’ve started his classes, Which began just a very short time ago, I have experienced Truly Amazing Feelings. Not since my early childhood in Cuzco, Peru { my place of birth } playing with my little brother in the ruins of Machu Picho have I had these, and I was too young to understand them. His name is Jerry Sargeant, and I am now on my Third day of an Eleven day of a meditational class on Infinite Love, which includes Cosmic Healing, Self Awareness, Self Healing and so much more. Just after my first meditation, as I was sitting with my spouse, I felt a Hug from one I love very much, my Son Nicolas, whom left this Earth 12 yrs. ago .. My Nicolas, it brought me to tears ! This eleven 30 minute meditation course is the 1st. part of a 5 Chapter Course .. I Am truly Grateful … Jerry calls it …. * Star Magic * ….


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